The current financial times in Denver are pretty difficult and many people are looking for the best business ideas to start with little money. These are people who already have a job that is not bringing them the income they require.  These are also parents who stay home to raise the kids, looking for a supplemental income.

Whatever the reason, Denver, Colorado is the right place to be if you are considering starting a business. Here are a few ideas that you can look into that you can start a business with little money.

Teach a course

You do not have to be a university lecturer to teach a course. In the course of your life, you have must have gained a lot of knowledge and skills. Even if you do not think you have, you can easily attend a class. You have so many options to choose from.

You can hold a women empowerment class, a skills class such a pottery or even photography. In this, you are more than spoilt for choice. You can choose to offer these classes for a few hours during the weekend or a few days during the week in the evening. It’s up to you.

Most times, all you will need to do this is hire a meeting room (if you can get t for free, like in a University, that’s even better), and to spend some money on marketing material and essentials. These days, marketing has become even easier with social media.



All you need is an oven and ingredients to bake your way to a side income.

This is one of those skills that never gets old. Yes, there are new, innovative ways of baking these days, but the concept remains the same. If you have an oven at home, this is all you will need.

Start a mini-bakery, supplying places such as office buildings and colleges with your freshly baked goods. You will need a license for this, but getting one in Denver, Colorado is pretty straightforward and inexpensive.

If you want to go large scale, you could start baking for events such as weddings and birthdays. With these, you can ensure that every weekend, you are baking for an event.

Event planning

Speaking about events, this is a great sector to set up a side business. You can limit your events to weekends only so that you can still focus on your day job. The greatest asset here is being able to manage your time efficiently. Planning for an event can take a short time if you have already formed relationships with vendors you can trust. This requires very little capital (maybe just a website) and you are good to go.



Schedule your classes such that you can teach after your day job or whenever suits you best.

If you have a passion for teaching and love kids, why not start a tutoring business. Parents are always looking for tutors for their children n Denver, Colorado so you will always have clients.

If your day job is demanding, choose a less demanding age-group and subject to teach. You do not want to burn out at the end of the day. Schedule your classes such that you can teach after your day job or whenever suits you best.

All you will need for this is a thorough understanding of your teaching material. Other than that, the only other foreseeable cost is the gas to take you wherever you are tutoring from.

Web design

If your day job is in tech, this should be very easy for you. You can easily use the knowledge you have to start a web design business. Many companies in Denver, Colorado are realizing the importance of having a website and there is high demand for web design services.

Market yourself well and after a while, you will notice that many of the new clients you get will be through referrals. If web design is new to you, you can take a course online. Many of these are free and some only require a small investment.

Social Media Marketing

Denver, Colorado s bursting with companies needing Social Media Marketing as a service. Many of these companies want to increase their client base and have more interaction with their clients. However, they either cannot afford to hire someone full-time to handle their social media accounts or feel that it is out of their scope and would rather outsource.

Social media marketing is a great business idea because if you have the right tools, much of the “management” part can be automated. You can make it such that the company’s posts are timed to appear on certain days at a particular time. This will ensure that you are not taken away from your day job or responsibilities.

Sell your creativity

Most of us have some form of creative instinct inside us. We just need the right environment to bring it out. If you love painting and are good at t, why not spare some time to do it each week. You may be surprised that people start buying your art.

The best thing is these days, you do not even need a gallery to showcase your art. You can sell it online, saving you the hassle. This can be as easy as selling printed t-shirts. Nowadays, there are sites that will do all the printing for you and all you have to do is come up with the designs.

Join a band

This is not only one of the best business ideas to start with little money, but also the most fun. If you do not have a band but you have a killer voice, sing at restaurants, bars, and events. Everyone loves to have a good time and music adds onto that. Find a place that can pay you for a couple of hours each time you perform. For events, you could limit these to evening and weekend events only. You are assured of having a treat while earning some money.


Starting a side business does not have to require a lot of capital to begin as seen in the above examples. All you have to do is have the resolve to do it, the drive and passion are what it requires.