All There Is To Know About The Best Low Investment Business Ideas

Are you in searching for or have a side business idea in mind? Well, we have come up with 12 of the best business ideas with low investment to help you out.

More people are seeking self-employment in comparison to being employees. Side hustles are the in thing.

Finding the right business idea may seem like a daunting process. It takes a lot of planning, commitment, investing and patience. Defy these odds and prove that having a side business is possible.

Therefore, you should be looking for a business that you feel comfortable doing.

Make sure you take advantage of the technology advancement in your desired field. As you search for the right business idea, take into consideration the time you are willing to put into your business idea. Take as much time as you need to come up with a good and lucrative business idea.

As you settle for your part time business, create a good business plan that will fit into your limited schedule. This read will aid you by outlining some of the best business ideas with low investment.

Best Business Ideas With Low Investment

1. Social Media Marketing Services


Addicted to Facebook and Instagram? Can’t stop checking your social media accounts? Why not become a Social Media Marketer?

Technology has made it easy for job seekers. Social media is not only an interaction platform but also a business platform. As a result, so many businesses are available on these online platforms.

Social media marketing is one of them. It only entails access to the internet, an available access gadget and a social media account in the requisite platform.

Today, companies pay people with a large following on social media, to market their products.

However, if marketing is not your stronghold, another online business idea is ghostwriting. You can write for top-notch companies, manage social media accounts, among others.

Social media is dynamic and expansive; this makes it open to new business ideas. Explore your creativity by joining this bandwagon and implement your business idea. It might be the next big thing.

2. Fitness & Dietary Consultancy Services


Fitness and Dietary Consultancy. Use your fitness expertise to guide others and make money at the same time!

With the growing rate of poor diet diseases and conditions, more people are turning towards fitness and health improvement programs. With sufficient knowledge on diet trends and fitness mechanisms, you can start a consultancy service.

Make sure you set up a trustworthy clientele base and provide quality and accurate services. You can expand your business by collaborating with gyms and skin clinics. This service does not require a specific location.

In this new age of technological advancement, it is possible to communicate with clients through video conferencing.

3. Translation & Interpreter Services

Due to the universal equality clauses, disabled persons are slowly receiving accommodation in daily routines of companies. Thus, interpreters for the deaf are in high demand. Their inclusion is essential.

This small business idea only requires sign language interpretation knowledge. International companies, which interact with various cultures and nationals, require translators.This is with respect to their daily interactions with various nationalities. Knowledge of multiple languages is the only necessary quality in this lucrative small business idea.

This is with respect to their daily interactions with various nationalities. Knowledge of multiple languages is the only necessary quality in this lucrative small business idea.

4. Events & Party Planning

In any neighborhood, events and parties will spur from time to time. It seems like this is indeed a norm. This lucrative business does not need much investment.

First of all, set up a good and trusted customer base. Make sure you take into account the customers’ preferences. Finally, watch your financial freedom come to be.

Make sure that your services are of high quality. Your customer base will expand naturally to other regions and even continents. Remember, customer satisfaction is everything.

5. Driving Instructor Services

The Driving Instructor business is not limited to a season. Therefore, it can prove to be very lucrative as car purchases are increasing on a daily basis. More people are in need of learning the ins and outs of vehicle movement.

For this business to kick off and spread its wings, you need access to a number of various cars. These cars should range in size and the requisite legal documents for the business should be available.

You should also have an access to a substantial amount of able drivers who are open to teaching.

6. Babysitting


If you are good and can be trusted around kids – start your own babysitter business.

There is an increase in the number of working women around the cities. More young children are in need of care. Due to this, babysitting can be a lucrative business idea.

With a trusted clientele, good nurturing skills, and a safe environment, your business will skyrocket in a couple of months.

This business is not as involving as it sounds. With the aid of a trusted team, you can still go about your other businesses.

7. Sport Coaching

This small business idea will do well in schools. More people are embracing their talents and that of their children.

Explore this business idea by collaborating with schools and coaching this extracurricular activity. If you are talented in this, do not limit yourself to one sport. Try and venture into multiple sports and watch your business grow.

Make sure that you foster our clientele’s talents by providing quality services and nurturing young minds. Help relinquish the stereotype that tapping into talents is not a good career choice.

8. Uber Services

Technology has done it again. More people are joining the UBER movement.

For those with no idea what an UBER is:

It is a mobile application that allows individuals to contact taxi services. Downloading the application is required. Services are based on their location. In addition to that, the user can keep track of finances and driver information.

As a result of this, the UBER revolution has killed the taxi services. More people are choosing the UBER over normal public transport and taxi services.

Setting up an uber driver account requires a mobile device that has access to the internet. A car and driving credentials’ are also needed.

9. Pet Handler


Become a Pet Handler if you are good at looking after animals.

Are you a pet lover? Do you like taking care of animals?

Maybe this is the venture for you then. You can start out by pet walking. Then later expand to the provision of pet care services. You could include services like grooming, washing, and provision of vaccines among others.

This is yet another lucrative side business. It requires just a little investment. Furthermore, your services might motivate more people to own pets.

10. Conference Room Facilities

Do you have a free space? Well, make use of it by turning it into a boardroom or conference facility.

Most small businesses lack the sufficient amount of space to accommodate large meetings and conferences. With a sufficient amount of furnishings and a corporate look, your facilities will be booked out in just a few months.

This is a very lucrative small business idea that does not require constant investment.

11. Dance Classes


Dance classes are on the rise. If you are an excellent dancer of any style, dance classes would make a great business.

Are you a good dancer and teacher? Have you ever thought about coaching other people?

Didn’t think you funky moves would make the list of the best business ideas with low investment?

As a matter of fact, setting up dance classes is a good business idea. Clientele ranges from young children to engaged couples and even to elderly citizens. This art is very dynamic.

Coaching is open to taking place at any time and at any place. It is not a location-restricted business. With various dance styles, your business will be up and running in no time.

12. Fashion Boutique

Finally, the Fashion Boutique business is a booming trade that needs consideration. Its dynamic nature makes it remain lucrative in whatever season. It does not conform to market deterioration. The emergence of new trends makes this business never have a dull moment.

As is depicted from the above list of low investment business ideas, the key is to do it differently. Take a basic business plan, tweak it and turn it into the next multimillion-dollar business.

Any venture needs adequate time and effort to aid in building and promoting the growth of the business. Tap into your creativity and watch as customers swarm to your business. Take note that a customer base is securable through a provision of variety. Therefore, bearing this in mind, you should play around with your business plan accordingly.

The list provided above is of inexpensive side business ideas. Hope my list of the best business ideas with low investment has been of great help and guidance to you. Feel free to try more than one business at a time if you have the means.

Stop settling for your full-time job and start doing what you like. No good idea ever came out of comfort.