The entrepreneurial drive in women has witnessed a steady increase in Denver, Colorado, and in society as a whole. For anyone looking for small business ideas for women in Denver, Colorado, the lists are endless. However, if you are looking for a list of the best small business ideas with low investment, you may find it more difficult.

Entrepreneurship is encouraged in Colorado and micro-loans gave out to assist people starting out businesses. But it may still be useful to look for business ideas that do not require much starting capital if any.

Here are some of the best small business ideas with low investment.



With the rise of technology, everyone is constantly staring at their screens. Laptops, iPads, phones, you name it. These people need content all the time and blogging has satisfied this need. Gone are the days when you had to look for a magazine or wait for news on television to know the current affairs. Blogging has taken over.

Starting a blog is good for anyone who enjoys writing, research, and has the ability to come up with new creative content. You can easily do it from home and the initial investment is almost nothing. You can easily get a free blog template online.

Do you have a laptop or smartphone with the internet? This is one of the best small business ideas with low investment that you can start right now!


Freelance accounting services 


Good with numbers? Love doing tax returns? Start an accountancy service.

If you have an accounting background or you are willing to learn, you could offer freelance accounting services to companies. All companies, both small and big, need business accounting services. Services can include e-filing, service tax, payroll, sales tax and bank reconciliations.

You can start a freelance accounting service to cater for companies that cannot afford to hire full-time accountants. If you provide great service, chances are your clients won’t be taking their business elsewhere.



If you have a passion for education and are good with kids, you should probably try your hand at tutoring. You can choose to tutor students in your area of study or learn something new such as another language. Tutoring can make you a lot of money if you structure your business well.

You may decide to have an online tutoring service business or establish a tutoring center. The benefits of having it online are that it will be much cheaper and you will have greater reach, given that you can tutor children from all over and not only in Denver.


Virtual Assistant

This type of business provides various services that a typical assistant would do in an office. It includes tasks such as organizing to-do lists, updating calendars and schedules, answering emails with little interaction with your clients. All you would need for this is a stable internet connection, a phone, and computer, which are all accessible from the comfort of your home.

In this day and age, very many companies require virtual assistants to certain mundane tasks that are better outsourced. You can market yourself using a website and very soon, clients will be calling on you.


Tour guide

Denver, Colorado is home to many attractions that would interest any tourist, both local and international. If you are a local, you probably know the area well. Read up on fun and interesting places to take a group on a tour and also about the history of Denver.

You will find that there are many people who want to get out of their everyday bubble and experience the city a little more. From just the common office-goer to school children on school trips. All you will need for this is a license, a good marketing strategy and you can always hire a van if need be.


Social media marketing 


Social Media Marketing is the best way forward for any business. Become a marketer and help these companies grow.

Nowadays, it is very important for companies to have a digital presence. Whether it is the restaurant down the street or a big firm, social media marketing is key. However, many of these companies do not deal with technology as their core and do not know how to market themselves on social media. They definitely have heard about all the advantages interacting with clients on social media can have and they mostly seek to outsource this work.

If you pivot yourself such that you are the go-to company for social media marketing, you can make a lot of money without investing much in the beginning. You may have to purchase software online but as long as you have a computer and steady internet access, you can easily start this business.


Recruitment agency

Recruitment of personnel can be a daunting and time-consuming task for many companies. Conducting interviews and doing background checks can take a huge amount of capital. In Denver, with all the new businesses coming up, many companies are looking to outsource recruitment to agencies such that all they will have to do is give a job description and perform a final interview with an already short-listed list of applicants.

For this, all you need is a laptop, internet access and sometimes, a room to meet potential hires. Most of the time, you can conduct interviews online using video conferencing software. This is one of the best small business ideas with low investment that can make a lot of money.



For all these businesses, it is important that you get a license to operate first. You need this to signify the legitimacy of your business and so you do not get into trouble with the law. Luckily, business registration in Denver, Colorado is fairly cheap and very fast.

This list of best small business ideas with low investment requires little to no starting capital. But you may want to get a loan to cater for your business needs before it starts making a profit. Colorado is the place to do this. Micro-loans are quite easy to apply for and receive as the entrepreneurship is highly encouraged.