Denver is the capital of Colorado and it’s the city with the highest population in Colorado State. With an estimated women population of 300,069. There are plenty of small business opportunities for aspiring Denver women business owners.

In fact, the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce reported that in 2015 women-owned businesses accounted for about 41.5% of all privately held firms. This number has been steadily increasing.

The business atmosphere in Denver is very friendly. Therefore, it is no surprise that there is a significant track record of women who have been extremely successful in business.

According to the Governor of Colorado, Gov. John Hickenloope, several factors make Colorado the ideal place for starting and growing a business.

Hickenloope believes that the low costs associated with starting and registering a business are one of these reasons.

Moreover, the State has dedicated resources that help individuals who have business ideas. Backed up by the nationally endorsed Small Business Development Center Network.

The U.S Census Bureau’s Survey of Business Owners, Denver women business owners rose by 39.3% from the year 1997 to 2015. By the year 2015, there were more than 94,000 women-owned businesses in the city.

Since the year 1997, on average, 608 women-owned businesses were launched daily. By 2015, this number had grown to 887 women-owned firms per day.

This is a clear indication that there are many incredible small business ideas for women in Denver. As well as a conducive environment that fosters entrepreneurial success.


This is a clear indication that there are many incredible small business ideas for women in Denver.

Let’s take a look at eight of the notable women business owners in Denver.

First on the list is Sylvia Theisen.


Theisen is the founder of She Takes The Lead. An organization that offers coaching and training to women in business. Regularly in discussion with organizations that value empowerment of female employees.

She switched careers from being a psychotherapist to employees of Fortune 500 corporations, to earning over $100 million in real estate.

Lisa Schomp is next on the list.


The owner and president of Ralph Schomp automotive. A family owned BMW franchise in Denver.

Some may argue that she didn’t really have to work for her position because it’s a family business. However, it is under her leadership that the company was listed as one of the Top Women Owned Business. Voted by both the Colorado Business Magazine and the Denver Business Journal.

Looks like there is a lot of business opportunity for women in the auto industry.

The owner and president of Alpine Buick, Ivette Dominguez is one of six Hispanic women, who are owners of Buick GMC dealerships.

Ivette has impressive business skills and has won many awards for being business savvy. These awards came from Denver Business Journal, GM, and even the Girl Scouts of Colorado.

More to that, she is the founder of Alpine Difference. A program that funds and recognizes non-profit organizations that impact women and families living in Denver.

More to that, she is the founder of Alpine Difference. A program that funds and recognizes non-profit organizations that impact women and families living in Denver.

Lizelle Van Vuuren is the founder and CEO of Effectively.


Van Vuuren is also the Cofounder of StartupDenver, a community platform for entrepreneurs and startups.

She also Cofounded Women Who Startup. A monthly event that was created to empower, educate, and connect women entrepreneurs in Denver area.

She is one of the women who not only succeeds in the business but also supports other women rising in business.

In the area of advertising, we have Meredith Vaughan.


Owner and CEO of the advertising agency, Vladimir Jones. In her time at the agency, she has made notable strides.

She expanded the business to international clients. She even increased billings by over 600%. Vaughan shares her expertise by regularly contributing articles to Ad Age.

Another noteworthy woman business owner in advertising is Kathy Hagan Brown.


The owner and Co-President of Karsh Hagan. She created the agency at the young age of 26. Today, she owns a fully fledged advertising and marketing agency ranked among the very best in Denver.

Furthermore, she fosters agency and leadership growth through creative ideas. She has supported numerous community ingenuities. Serving in various capacities to include being a member of the Women’s Foundation of Colorado Marketing Committee.

One of the notable Denver women business owners in interior design is Traci Lounsbury.


The owner of Workplace ELEMENTS, LLC. One of the best profitable interior products and facilities dealership in Colorado.

Under her leadership, the company has growth both in size and revenue realizing over $50 million in annual sales. As a result of her accomplishments, she has won many prestigious awards from Ernst & Young to Enterprising Women Magazine.

The list of some of the most successful Denver women business owners should serve as inspiration. There are great opportunities for women to thrive in business in various industries.

Although most of these companies are large companies, they all started small at some point. There are many small business ideas for women in Denver Colorado to choose from.

These include but not limited to:

  • laundry and cleaning services
  • pet care services
  • smartphone repair services
  • e-commerce
  • restaurant services
  • copyrighting
  • coaching and consulting

As seen from the examples above, some of the top business women in Denver started a business in their area of expertise. Others deviated from their careers and ventured into new territories.

For any individual to succeed, they must be passionate about their business. 

Work hard and be persistent.

Behind every success story lies the struggles, failures, and disappointments. Persistence and hard work will pay off. Every business starts small and can take years.

So be prepared.

The platform for Denver women business owners to grow into multimillion-dollar corporations is there. You just need to chase your dreams.