There are plenty of small business ventures for women in Colorado to pursue. You just need the right marketing tools and skills to help you succeed. I have created this guide on marketing lessons for business women in Colorado to help you get started. It includes information about various organizations that caters to helping out business women.

The Colorado Small Business Development Center Network

First up on marketing lessons for business women in Colorado is an organization that helps both new and existing businesses. They provide free and private expert consultations to business owners.

Their aim is to help business owners:

  • create and preserve jobs
  • increase sales
  • secure loans
  • obtain certifications
  • gain government contracts

In addition to that, they offer important marketing advice and provide necessary marketing tools.

They have a team of consulting experts who work will work closely with you. Leaving you with useful skills that will bring success to your business.

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The Women’s Business Center

This is an educational center located throughout the US. They are designed to help women start a business.

Their aim is to create an even playing ground for business women who face tough challenges. Counseling and training sessions are given in different languages. This ensures that non-English speaking business owners can still benefit from the training.

In addition to that, they offer a free service to women who are at a social and financial disadvantage.

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The Small Business Administration

The Small Business Administration provides a range of services to business women.

Firstly, they offer loans to struggling businesses. They also help businesses get out of debt through venture capital.

One of their key roles is to provide one on one online counseling. The training content includes marketing strategies and methods to promote a business.

Take a look at how they can help you start and grow your business.

The Colorado Women in Business Network

This is a professional association whose main mission is to help women entrepreneurs develop a successful business.

Some of the areas the association will help you with include:

  • networking with fellow business experts
  • organizing social events
  • further education to master your business skills
  • providing resources to help you succeed

Coaching services are also offered in collaboration with business experts. Such services include advertising and marketing.

They work together with business development consultants. Assisting women in the organization with education, inspiration, and business opportunities.

They hold regular workshops and marketing courses some of which are free.

Some of the marketing courses they offer include:

  • finding the perfect customers
  • how to write amazing email newsletters
  • many other free online marketing courses 

Read more about what the Colorado Women in Business Network can offer you.

The Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce

Companies today are aware of the power of social media being used as a marketing tool. The Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce invites internet marketing experts to attend these events.

Moreover, they also create links between members and internet marketing consultants in their portfolio. Ultimately, lessons learned can help business owners grow and increase a visual presence, as well as improve sales.

There are five areas of internet marketing that they teach:

  1. search engine optimization
  2. content creation
  3. link building
  4. advertising and promotions
  5. social media marketing


They also help connect business women with consultants who provide training on the latest marketing trends. Employees get continual training to ensure the business performs to its best. 

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The Women’s Business Networking Meetups

They bring together thousands of women business owners. These meetups are a great opportunity for women to explore, share and learn from each other.

They also provide a platform for businesswomen to engage in activities outside of work. Such as engaging in travel activities, sporting activities, and other relaxation exploits.

Check out the next Women’s Business Networking Meetups in your area.


You will need the right marketing skills and tools to help your business succeed.


Taking lessons in marketing does not on its own guarantee success.

The following tips are key to the growth of your business:

  1. You must have thick skin. Be ready and willing to make tough decisions. You may not be popular but it will lead you towards success.
  2. Accepting and offering help to others is important for growth.
  3. Always take advantage of the various business resources.
  4. Finding the right partner or mentor is key to success.
  5. Take advantage of training programs, whether it’s free or paid.
  6. Always set realistic goals without limiting your abilities and potential.
  7. Networking is imperative for the success of every business. Do not be aloof.
  8. Take note of your weaknesses and strengths. Attain a basic understanding of the areas you’re likely to thrive in.


That is all I have for you today on marketing lessons for business women in Colorado. As you can see, there is a great deal of support for when you decide to take the leap and start up your business.

So just remember, if you have a brilliant business idea or wish to pursue your passion – there are people out there who can guide you. Myself included!