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There are some people who naturally have a business mindset. On several occasions, their journey to succeed on their own begins from side business ideas. One of the main challenges when starting out is the initial brainstorming of the most successful business ideas. It is not easy discovering the perfect idea. Below are some of the most profitable industries for small business owners.

Mobile Businesses 


Mobile businesses are gaining huge popularility with low set up costs.


A mobile business involves being able to travel to clients while offering products and services. People are adapting to having what they want immediately accessible and convenient for them. Businesses that are portable are among the most successful business ideas that make the most out of this concept.


Auto Repair

Taking your car to the shop for basic repairs may be difficult at times. It might be necessary to take it from time to time if the repair job requires it. However, there are several repair and maintenance services that only require a few basic tools to finish. If you possess a reasonable amount of skill as a mechanic, think about offering your services with a mobile aspect to it.


Food Trucks

The foodie movement is ever-growing with a larger variety of cuisine offered at unique locations. However, rent in big cities such as Denver is increasing continuously making it more challenging for startup food artisans to fork out cash for fixed rental space in the busy part of town where most clients are usually found. The solution to this problem is food trucks. Get on the road and park wherever you have a higher chance of attracting a crowd. The higher geographical versatility of a food truck can turn it into a highly profitable business.

Child-Oriented Businesses 


There is a huge market for child-orientated businesses. Consider a business that satisfies our future leaders.


The largest living generation is currently the millennials which mean that they represent a business opportunity ready to be capitalized on.


Newborn and Post-Pregnancy Services 

Babies are being born at rates never seen before, which means there is a greater need for newborn and post-pregnancy services. Some of the business choices such as doulas and lactation consultants have generally low specifications past education and certification.


Enrichment Activities

The increase in the number of children in the United States has led to the decrease in the budget for education meaning tradition academics and enrichment subjects such as athletics and art have been considerably affected. Because of this, parents are seeking enrichment activities from outside of school. If you possess a teachable skill along those lines you could start up a profitable business.


Mobile Apps and Entertainment

If you are passionate about technology and entertainment, think of directing your technology towards the youngest generations. There is an increase in the demand for apps, handheld devices and mobile entertainment for kids. Coming up with educational or entertaining apps could be a sound business plan.

Online Education 


Many people are opting to study in the comforts of their homes. Start an online education business.


Today, online businesses are most successful business ideas where owners have the potential to earn big money. They have a variety of platforms including their own website to offer services. The overhead specifications for setting up an online course are considerably low. The three main factors that you need are a platform, an audience, and content. The initial stages might prove challenging as you build up your course and attract your audience. But once you are past that phase, there is no cost per unit sold and there is no limit to the size of your audience.



There is a steady rise in the number of schools attempting to prepare their students for standardized testing and life after school. This creates an ideal chance for educators and experts to make some money through online courses.


Business or Marketing

Unfortunately, several college graduates do not gain marketable skills that can make hem prolific in business. If you have that expertise then online education is an ideal income opportunity for a low start up investment.


Personal Wellness

If you are expert in body and mind wellbeing such as a therapist, counselor, life coach or trainer, you might be able to assist others at the same time make some cash.  Every single person has a need to make himself or herself better and online courses can assist in achieving that goal.

Freelance B2B Services 


Working with freelancers means not having to be tied down to long-term contracts.


All small business owners at some point require help to manage the day to day tasks of the business. Unfortunately, they are cautious about taking on the overhead and responsibility of employing full-time staff. Many small business owners employ freelance contractors. This allows them to dodge the extra salaries and a long-term commitment. If you possess skills that small business owners may utilize, then this is one of the most successful business ideas that is perfect for you.


Bookkeeping and Accounting

If you won a business then you have to deal with accounting and bookkeeping at some point. However, for several business owners, managing their money is the most dreadful part of the business. Whether you are a certified CPA or highly proficient in QuickBooks, you can start up your own business by making sure other business owners have their financial matters sorted out. Some of the most successful businesses are bookkeeping, payroll, accounting, and tax preparation services.



If you have been successful in the business game for years, people can be lining up to get some insight into your expertise in that field. You can turn the knowledge you possess into an opportunity as an independent consultant. You can earn money by speaking at conferences or helping a business to formulate a successful strategy on a contractual agreement. Regardless of the skills you have, starting a consultant company is an ideal method to make money on your terms.


Social Media Management

The majority of small business owners are aware of the need for a social media presence, however, they may lack the time or knowledge to build their social media footprint.  If you are fluent in the workings of various social media sites, then think of converting your social media skill into a viable business.


Now that you have some fresh insight into the most successful business ideas, choose a niche that suits your passions.