Many factors have influenced the nomination of the most successful small business ideas. Key among them is if there is a need for the service or product you’re selling. If what you’re offering in your business is in demand, then you will most likely be successful.

The quality of the service or product you’re offering also matters. If you don’t invest in quality, you will lose clients to your competition.

The price you charge for your services or products is another factor that determines if you’ll be successful or not.

Businesses also have trends. For instance, there was a time when food trailers were very popular and then almost anyone could set up a food trailer. This leads to saturation in the market. Unless there is something very unique about your trailer, you will not make as much money due to the high competition.

You may consider waiting out the trend.

When people started making money from blogging, so many individuals began releasing blogs. But the trend then shifted to writing eBooks. So those that continued blogging just waited out the trend, allowing them to continue making profits amidst the saturation of bloggers.

List Of The Most Successful Small Business Ideas

1. Health And Fitness


With many people looking for different ways of getting fit, the health and fitness business is the way to go.

Any business to do with healthy living and healthy eating has a very high chance of succeeding today.

Whether you chose to sell supplements, introduce a new weight loss diet or any diet that targets a specific group of individuals such as diabetics, people living with arthritis, you are almost guaranteed success.

There is a frenzy at the moment to live healthy, eat healthily and exercise. So there are big bucks in these kinds of businesses.

If you have studied nutrition and dietetics, this is the time for you to shine. You don’t have to wait for employment, start consulting and you’ll most likely make a lot of money. Especially if your methods pay off.

This kind of business relies heavily on word of mouth. When your methods work, people do all the advertising for you by recommending you to others.

This is why the health industry is one of the most successful small business ideas to invest in.

2. Taxi Dispatch


Busy city lives mean an increase for the need of taxis. Start your own taxi firm.

There is always a high demand for transport, especially in the larger cities. Since the introduction of taxi service apps, this business is booming.

The best thing about it is that you don’t need to own any car yourself, all you have to do is sign up taxis with car owners who then use your app to conduct business.

Low-cost investment with a very high potential for huge profits and success.

3. Equipment Rental

The economy has changed the world over and people don’t want to spend money on equipment unless they will be using it long term.

This has created a new business opportunity that is in demand, equipment rental businesses. So now there are two groups of people, those with the equipment they no longer use and those who need to hire equipment for temporary use.

All you need to do is find a way to link these two groups of people. You just have to develop the perfect business model. It could be an online platform that allows these two groups of individuals to find each other and conduct business with you as a conduit or any other platform.

This may not be one that you come across often. But keep in mind, the most successful small business ideas provide a service that is unique and limited.

4. Digital Product Sale

Almost everything we use is now digital from currency to books, gift cards, wedding invites etc.

There is a huge demand for digital products that you can capitalize on. One advantage of starting a business in digital products is the fact that it’s hustle free.

You will never have to stress about delivery, inventories or physical storage space. When someone buys a product from you online, it is sent to them directly through email for instance.

You can start a business that focuses on selling one or more products. The most popular digital products in demand at the moment include eBooks, source codes, pictures, themes, money and gift cards.

You can think of others based on the needs of your target market and start a business around that.

Digital product sale is one of the most successful small business ideas you can make money on today.

5. Home Assistant

In 2017 we will see more couples working full-time to meet financial demands. This is to cover costs of sending children to school, daycare or paying for a nanny to watch the little ones.

This has created a business need in homes. Couples are now looking to hire individuals to take care of the daily tasks while they’re out working.


There is a high demand for home assistants like nannies.

They could be looking to hire home assistants to:

  • do the laundry
  • get plumbing jobs done
  • general home maintenance
  • grocery shopping
  • run banking errands
  • make travel plans travel

This is the best time to start a home assistant business. The demand is high. Homeowners can be approached directly.

Alternatively, you could use an online platform that allows you to receive offers from homeowners looking for home assistants.

6. Creative Content

With so many websites, blogs and online platforms there is a huge need for creating engaging content.

If you are a creative wordsmith, then consider starting a side business as a content writer.

There are clients that will pay as much as $500 for 600-word articles. There are many online content writing platforms from which you can find clients looking for quality content to be written.

These are some of the most successful small business ideas at the moment with the highest earning possibilities. So take advantage of it now while demand is high.