People start part time businesses for various reasons. There are many side business ideas available for you if you’re interested in starting a part-time business. You may choose to explore part time business ideas with low investment to test the viability of the business before doing it full time. You might be employed but needing to supplement your income and a side business will help you do just that. Sometimes students start part time businesses because they offer them the flexibility to earn some money as they go to school. Whatever your reason may be, starting a part-time business is a great way to earn money on your terms.

Starting a business, however, requires an investment. You need capital, depending on the nature of your business you might need stock, rental space, employees to mention but a few. If you are stretched for cash, this article will share with you part time business ideas with low investment. Some, will cost you no money and that way should they fail, you will not lose anything.

List of part time business ideas with low investment


Content creation

There is a very high demand for content to be used in advertising, for eBooks, articles, social media platforms and websites. If you have a computer, internet connection and a knack for writing, this can be a lucrative side business. All you will invest in is a computer and internet charges. The other thing you will have to invest in when it comes to writing is time. Since some research is required before you can create content for any platform. A quick online search will show you many platforms through which you can create content writing businesses.



Are you an expert at anything? Then a consultancy side business may be ideal for you. It will give you an opportunity to offer your expertise to those who need it at a cost. Today we have consultants such as online therapists, techies, lawyers, trainers, counselors and so much more. There are online apps that you can install on your computer which allow clients to video call you. Simply charge per minute for your engagement with them. To make this business a success all you need is to invest in a computer, software for video calling and billing and the internet.



An invention is not for the nerds and scientist as many would assume. With platforms such as Kickstarter, IndiGoGo, and Crowdsourcing you too can be an inventor. These platforms provide a model through which you can source for funding to help you create something that will solve a problem. It could be an invention of a feeding bib for babies that is waterproof or easy to clean, to a purse with hidden pockets, to chopping boards that don’t stain, to items made from repurposed materials. Simply think of a problem that needs solving and ways that problem can be solved and then raise money to create the solution. It doesn’t have to be complicated or costly.


Jewelry making

Most women love to adorn themselves with jewelry and so there is always a ready market for jewels. If you are artistic with a good sense of style, you can custom make jewelry and sell it online, to your colleagues at work or even classmates. You don’t need any formal training to do this. You could go online and study through instructional videos and then buy what you need from your local store or thrift shop and get started. Jewelry making is also therapeutic and can be very relaxing. If you have kids you can involve them in the process and make it more fun.


Social Media Management

This is especially great for young people and students who spend copious amounts of time on social media. Why not make money while at it? Almost every company today uses social media to promote their products, services, and events. Most of them are often willing to work with freelance social media managers who can push their agenda. All you need is a great smartphone, the necessary apps and internet connection. The great thing about this side business is that you can work from anywhere at any time. Today there are apps that allow you to set up your status updates which then automatically update on the social media platforms in the course of the day. That way, even if you have to be offline for some reason such as to attend class, your presence online will still be felt.



A transcriber is an individual who listens to audio content and transliterates it to text. Demand for transcribers is growing due to the increase in internet video. As advanced as computers are today, they still can’t recognize speech and so transcription is not dying soon. There is also a wide range of clients who need videos transcribed to text for individuals with hearing impairment. Transcription is also important for search engines on video content because they help describe what videos are about. Law firms, courts of law, hospitals and other specialized fields often need recording transcribed for ease of notation and review. Depending on the nature of the content to be transcribed, you might need some training which luckily you can get for free online. Once you familiarize yourself with the basics, you can find many platforms online that pay freelance transcribers.


Computer repair & maintenance

Computers have become an integral part of everyday living. Almost everyone owns and uses a computer on a regular basis. Consequently, there is a demand for individuals who have the expertise in computer repairs and maintenance.

Are you tech savvy? Then computer repair is one of the part time business ideas with low investment that will suit you perfectly. This is a personalized service and all you need to invest in are the tools of the trade and advertising for your services online. To give your clients better service, you can go to them and fix their computers from their homes or offices, update their software, install anti-malware software, secure wireless networks and so much more.


Do you have any part time business ideas with low investment to add to the list? Perhaps your current side hustle required little investment. Share with us your stories.