You’re probably wondering how true the title “Part Time Businesses That Do Not Require An Investment” really is. Are there actually side business ideas that don’t require an investment? Of course not. The basic principle of starting and running any business no matter how simple is an investment. But investment comes in different forms. It could be cash, equipment, or even skill. When we talk about starting a business without an investment, we’re referencing those business ideas that don’t require you to use anything that you don’t already have. It means, using what is already available for you such as machinery to start the business.

Here is a list of part time businesses that do not require an investment


Concierge service

You’ll be surprised at the things rich and busy people despise doing for themselves. If you live in or near an affluent neighborhood, consider starting a concierge service. You can offer a range of services for the rich and charge a pretty dime for it. These chores include grocery cleaning, picking and dropping dry cleaning, booking travel, booking doctor appointment, to dinner reservations. Basically, things that are pretty easy to do but when you’re doing them for the rich, you earn good money.



Many small to medium business owners don’t hire a resident accountant. Instead, they consult on a need to basis. If you have experience and/or training in accounting, you can start a side business in bookkeeping. You don’t even need to be a CPA to get the job done. Most of the work entails entering data and paying bills. If you have zero experience in bookkeeping but are interested in learning, you can take a free online bookkeeping course and you’ll be good to go.


Property manager

You don’t have to be a real estate guru to manage a property. Many landlords usually contract property managers to mind their real estate on their behalf. Property management duties include taking tenants’ calls, to scheduling maintenance work, fixing things in the home to landscaping. Basically, you manage the property as if it were your own. In some cases, property managers also show the property to prospective tenants.


Clutter Consultant

If you’re a neat freak looking to make some extra money, this is the perfect side business idea for you. You will be astonished at how many people struggle with clutter and order in their homes and even offices. To some, it can be so overwhelming that they actually find themselves needing to hire someone to declutter on their behalf. This business is great because other than advertising, which you can do online, you don’t need much else. Just your organizational skills. There is demand for clutter consultants, especially in affluent neighborhoods.


Activity clinics instructor

Parents are constantly looking for ways to engage their children outdoor, especially during the holidays. Are you great in sporting activity? Do you enjoy working with children? You can make good money by starting a side business in activity clinics. These are enrichment activities that are structured to preoccupy children, have fun, develop motor skills and get fit. You can team up with a school or kids park so that you get access to the facilities that can help enhance the experience for the children.



Today there is so much online content in the form of ebooks, blogs, and online courses to name a few. Many individuals and companies are therefore in need of an individual who can proofread the content and ensure it is grammatically correct and accurate. If you enjoy reading and have got impeccable grammar then this is just perfect for you. The money you get paid varies based on the complexity and length of the content. All you need is a computer and internet connection to get this work done.


Pet Sitting

Many people today own pets and so there is a growing need for pet sitters. Most pet owners have to work away from home and can therefore not leave their pet unattended to. Others need to travel for one reason or other and need someone to mind their pets in their absence.

This is definitely one of those part time businesses that do not require an investment. Pet owners pretty much provide everything the pet needs during the duration of sitting. You can either go to the client’s house and watch the pet from there or do it from the comfort of your home. All you need to start a business in this area successfully is an appreciation for pets and basic know how on the dos and don’t’s of taking care of specific pets. For instance, you should know foods that could kill or cause harm to the pet.


Recruitment firm

Some small and medium-sized firms don’t have an HR department within and usually consult when need be. You can start a recruitment firm in your home. All you need is phone connection and contacts. Other than that, a good attitude and sound communication skills will help make your recruitment business a success. Isn’t that great?



If you love taking photos and have a good camera lying around, then why not make some money while at it? Today we have incredible software that can help you make phenomenal works of art from your photography. All you need is a great camera and creativity and you’ll be making money with each click.


Fitness Instructor

You don’t need a fitness studio to do this job. Being a fitness instructor is another option of part time businesses that do not require an investment. You can record training videos and sell them online, you can provide your services from outdoor or go to the client’s home. This is a very lucrative business especially in this day and age where more and more people have become health conscious.


Interior designer

This will require specialized training so if you studied interior design and have an artistic flare, consider starting a business in interior design. Today more and more people are finding value in investing in beautiful living spaces.



You don’t have to be an expert in relationships but some level of maturity and a good understanding of dynamics of a relationship are key. Conventional dating is losing popularity and more people are willing to venture into other forms of dating.


There you have it. Now you have a better understanding when I talk about part time businesses that do not require an investment. Just remember the fundamentals of starting a business. If you are not willing to invest any time into developing your business idea, it will always remain just an idea.