Service related side business ideas are those that don’t involve the making or selling of products. They focus on providing a service that is needed. One of the benefits of service related business is the fact that you lower your investment because you do not need to put money into the stock. Depending on the service you are offering, specialized training and equipment may be required. In this articles, we will look at several service related side business ideas that you can choose from to help supplement your income.

Easy To Start Service Related Side Business Ideas


Depending on who you’re tutoring, you may not need any formal training. As long as you’re conversant with the subject matter and are able to articulate yourself, you can make some good money tutoring students. This is a great side business for stay at home moms because they can use their home for the service, as well as students who still conversant with the content. Students also get a chance to practice as they tutor.


Child care is very expensive and a couple of hours of babysitting can help earn you good money. Why not stand out and increase your chances of making a better pay by creating an online profile and advertising your services? You can advertise your services online, or even print simple flyers which can be circulated in neighborhoods. Invest in learning about taking care of children in different ages by reading books, watching videos and practicing with your kids, siblings or other relatives. Most day care centers are owned and ran by former babysitters so don’t take this side business lightly.

Mobile Masseuse

This requires some form of training which you can get by attending massage courses or through apprenticeship. The good thing about being a mobile masseuse is that you go to your clients and will therefore not need to invest in a massage center. You can buy the massage bed which can be easily folded and carried in a car. You can increase your chance of getting clients by advertising online through websites and social media pages.

Fitness Instructor

The world is moving towards wellness and now more than ever people are investing in getting fit. Paying for a gym is not cheap and so there is demand for freelance fitness instructors. You don’t need specialized training to run a side business as a fitness instructor. As long as you’re fit and have the ability to guide people through a workout session whether it’s aerobics, Zumba, yoga, name it. You can start a lucrative business. You can rent a studio space or if you have adequate space in your home, convert it into a workout studio. The latter doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money and if you have a knack for DIY projects you will have a great time giving it a personalized touch. Save on rental space by incorporating workout regimes such as Yoga and Pilates in outdoor parks.


With so many websites competing for attention, many companies are investing in blogs which tend to have more reader-friendly content. Some blogs have turned into million dollar empires because of advertising. If you enjoy writing, understand the concepts of search engine optimization and other writing tenets, then you’re good to go. Blogging for money requires a lot of discipline and passion. It also takes a bit of time before you can make a significant amount of money so if you’re going into it purely for the cash, then think twice.

Cleaning Services

Lives are getting busier, opening doors to customers looking for cleaning services.  If you love cleaning and know all the tricks of stain removal, you can start a cleaning service business. You can start with cleaning people’s homes at first because you can do that on your own. As the business grows you can set up a team to make work easier and faster. Small and medium offices also sometimes require cleaning services outside of their usual cleaning activities. Cleaning products and equipment are not expensive so this is a fairly low-cost business to invest in.

Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services

As our lives get busier, we sometimes lack the energy or time to get laundry cleaned and dry cleaned, yet most of us want to constantly look good. This service can be lucrative especially when you add your own unique twist to the business. Start a dirty laundry collection and delivery service. This would stand out from the traditional dry cleaning services where individuals drop off and pick up their own items. It also gives you the flexibility to do the work part time.

Personal Chef

Are you a chef who works on shift? Or do you just love cooking and are great at it? Whatever the case, choosing to be service related side business ideas being a personal chef can make you loads of cash. Advertise your services online through social media platforms as well as a website. Do you know what else can give you added advantage? Having a blog where you share recipes, cooking tricks and knick knacks.

Today, most people prefer to have a personal chef cook for them at the comfort of their home during special occasions such as anniversaries, birthday parties, proposals and the like. Having a chef at home saves one the hustle of booking restaurants, the noise and activity of a restaurant which can ruin an intimate moment with that special someone. Some individuals require a personal chef to make meals for the whole week because their busy schedules don’t allow them to cook yet they prefer healthy eating as opposed to fast food.


Consultancy is one of the service related side business ideas that is doable as long as you have a specialized skill that can benefit others. Consultancy gives you a chance to make money part time while doing your full-time job or going to school. Consultants play a big role in the expansion of big companies.