What You Need to Know About Starting a Summer Side Business

Have you thought of looking for ideas of side businesses to start in summer? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative then this read is for you.

When choosing a small business idea for the summer take into account:

  • your hobbies
  • qualifications
  • available time
  • investment strategy

These businesses can qualify as sole proprietorships. However, it is advisable that you establish legal documents as the business grows.

Part-time businesses are also fair to the normal nine-to-five worker who has limited time. Meaning that these summer business ideas are flexible.

Some are doable in the comfort of your home while others are hands-on and outdoor based. Choose the right business idea that fits your schedule. Look into your passion and personal needs as you choose the appropriate business idea to invest in.

This read is on side businesses to start in summer, with respect to part-time businesses. This means that it relates to people with full-time jobs and seasonal side businesses.

This is a risky undertaking, therefore, it is advisable that you keep your full-time job. It will aid in the provision of a stable flow of capital to start out your part time venture. Further research into these fields is advisable.

7 Ideas of Side Businesses to Start in Summer

The summer season is harshly high in temperature and humidity. Thus, the businesses listed below are conversant of this. They range from businesses that are doable indoors and those that are not.

Sift through these seven best side businesses to start in summer and find the appropriate one for you. Feel free to apply your own creativity as you go through them.


1. Babysitting and Pet Sitting

Do you have free evenings? Do you have a liking to children or pets? Have you tried babysitting or pet sitting?

Babysitting is a good summer business idea for busy summer days. Keep an eye on a couple of children or pets and earn money as you do it.

With time, expand your business into a daycare facility. Obtain credibility and a trusted group of clientele. Expand your space and keep it safe for hyperactive children or pets.

Set up activity boards and bonding play times for children and watch your passion grow into a lucrative business. Pet sitting services are more lucrative during the holidays when families plan trips.

Most families rarely carry their pets to trips, and this is a good time to step in and shed some light on your pet sitting services. Pet sitting is more trusted than sending beloved pets to professional kennels.

Dog walking is one of those side businesses to start in summer that will benefit you as much as the dogs. Try out dog walking as you go for morning or evening walks. This could double up as a fitness plan.


2. Freelance Writing

Are you in possession of exceptional language skills? Exploit them by starting a freelance writing business.

Many publications and products seek online publication in the form of product and service description and reports. The only requirement for setting up this side business is a computer and internet connection.

There are quite a number of freelance writing websites. Customers flood these websites for writing services. You can expand your freelance writing business to include editing and proofreading expertise.

This is not taxing and is doable after a strenuous nine-to-five routine. Since most people lay off the summer heat, this is the perfect summer job as it is conveniently done in the comfort of your home or even at work during breaks.

The taxing nature of this work allows you to carry it out at any place and time. With the growth of technology, this work is doable even with your simple mobile device.


3. Blogging 


Think you can write? Start a blog.

It is similar to the average commercial writing. Start out setting up this side business by looking and settling on a theme. This theme is to cut across the whole blog. Each blog post should depict this theme. Therefore, choose wisely.

Analyze your target market. Establish your service consumer and ensure that each blog post satisfies their needs.

Search for interesting and captivating topics, inclusive of pictures if necessary. Blogging is doable in the comfort of your home with an electronic device, little energy input, and enough time to spare.

Most of the time it starts out as a hobby and with good writing expertise and a substantial fan base, this turns into a lucrative business.


4. Life or Business Coach

Are you passionate about changing and impacting lives?

Today, the society is mostly comprised of the youth. Most of this group of individuals is completely lacking direction and motivation to achieve their dreams. Exploit and tap into this passion by starting life or business coach venture.

Encourage and teach the public about the good life and business choices. With this, help people walk through life with a better and improved outlook on life. This venture is not only open to the youth, but also to the old. Many people need encouragement.


5. Tutoring Services

Which subject did you major in? Is your performance exceptionally good on a certain subject? Have you ever given tutoring a chance?

If any of your answers is in the affirmative, then try a tutoring business. Market your business well and watch as parents and students contact you to coach them.

Compile reading materials for your clientele. Tutor services are open to personal tutoring and virtual tutoring. With this, you can expand your services to different countries and even continents.


6. Fitness Instructor 


Are you into fitness? Become a fitness instructor.

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Have you ever thought of being a fitness instructor?

Most people are not comfortable with the idea of gym membership fees, or the whole gym works out idea. Help others by starting fitness instruction services.

These services are wide, they can range from a compilation of fitness instruction videos, personally training people in the comfort of their homes, conducting water aerobics classes in public pools, or simply carrying out jogging expeditions.

Exploit your fitness enthusiasm by helping others to achieve the same fit life that you have. Incorporate this side business into your daily routine by carrying out classes after work and during holidays and weekends.


7. Gourmet Cooking Services

Do you enjoy cooking? Are you in possession of various cookbooks and homemade recipes?

Gourmet cooking service might just be the right business venture for you. This venture has a lot of potential and legal credentials are not necessary. However, trust and loyalty from the clientele are necessary.

Start out by offering to-go-meals. This entails making meals prior and selling them to clients. Your target market here should be the corporate environment. Since they lack the time to sit down and have good home-cooked meals at work.

With the summer heat, very few people feel the need to walk to restaurants in the scorching heat for a meal. Expand your business by offering home catering services for events like birthdays, anniversaries, and family reunions, among others.


This list is not exhaustive. It just outlines some of the most lucrative summer side businesses. As you embark on this journey of side businesses to start in summer, make sure that your passion and drive reflects onto this. Do not give up. Prepare for setbacks along the way.