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Starting a small business can be an interesting and challenging venture. This article is aimed to help you decide on small business ideas for women in Denver. You may be limited in funds and you will need a side business idea that has a low investment capital or overhead budget. It is not necessary to have piles of cash to start a business.

You might have a great side business idea and you are quite positive that it will be successful, but you are still waiting until you get sufficient cash to launch it. Alternatively, you could be planning on methods to begin moving slowly from your day job to your own business or simply looking to start a part-time business but you lack any clue on where to start.

If you can relate to any of these cases, then this post is tailor-made for you. I will begin by disclosing ten very profitable business ideas that need very little start-up capital. If the first case applies to you, the businesses I will mention can get you sufficient money to begin the business you have always dreamed about. If the second or third cases apply to you, you may launch and build on the businesses I will mention.

The list below is not arranged in any particular order and it contains the top yielding small business ideas that require low capital investment.    


Freelancing covers a wide range of job professions. You can be anything including a creative writer, bookkeeper, graphics designer, marketing consultant, editor, web designer or accountant. Simply launch your small business and offer services as an independent professional. One of the methods of cost cutting that several businesses have employed involves laying off their in-house employees. They have instead opted to hire independent professionals to cut costs as well as ease their operations.

Marketing Consultant

The economy is not exactly assisting businesses and with the high level of competition around it is necessary to take certain measures. Several businesses continuously keep improving their market efforts to boost sales, get ahead of the competition and prosper regardless of the harsh market conditions. Due to these reasons, there is a massive demand for consultants in the emerging marketing channels like mobile marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing among others.

Security Services 


People would rather hire security personnel instead of lose their treasured possessions to criminals.

Due to the bad economic trend, there are several people who are unemployed and are turning to crime as a means to make ends meet.  Due to this reason, people who own homes, businesses and other assets worth considerable value are opting to hire services of security personnel to guard their possessions. People would rather hire security personnel instead of lose their treasured possessions to criminals.

Child Care

The cost of living is continuously going up. Parents are spending a big chunk of their day doing long hours at work. The transit between work and home is cutting into their valuable time. Because of this, a lot of parents have insufficient time to properly take care of their children. The parents result to seeking out the services of babysitters and childcare experts to look after and take care of their children.

Elderly Care 


People are increasingly turning to elderly care services due to their demanding lives.

Recent studies have shown that the population of the elderly in Denver, Colorado, as well as the rest of the country, is gradually aging meaning there is a steady rise in the number of adults over the half a century mark. The increasing demands of work and other responsibilities make it difficult to make time to personally care for the elderly. As a result, people are turning to elderly care services.

Pet Care

Regardless of how the economy is faring, individuals must take care of their pets since the pets are great companions and a source of joy in people’s lives. Every single year, pet owners spend thousands to hundreds of thousands on their pets. As a result, it is obvious to state that taking care of pets is a great side business idea. Especially if they have some expertise in veterinary medicine.    

Foods and Snacks

People need to eat food on a daily basis, it is something that they cannot go without. This makes it a recession-proof business which you can launch at a small scale without spending a lot of capital as an investment. Initially, you can go with baked foods such as pastries, cakes, and other snacks. After some time once business hack picked up, you can explore other dishes or foods to offer. The constant need for food can mean a stable source of cash if you go for a food production business.


Everybody likes to look aesthetically appealing and jewelry go a long way in making us look very good. People spend a considerable amount of cash to own a variety of them. While others cannot step outdoors without having a couple of them on. Think about launching a business that sells a variety of jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, watches, earrings among others. An ideal way of going about it is by selling cheap items at the beginning. Then slowly bringing in more expensive items as the business grows.


Makeup kits, lipsticks, creams and other cosmetic goods usually have a continuous massive demand. Similar to jewelry, people will want to look good regardless of how much money they have. They will work to purchase the items to assist them to attain their ideal good looks. Starting a business that provides good quality cosmetics can be highly profitable.

Laundry Services

Several people manage too many things and are too busy to do their own laundry. Despite this, everyone wants to look appealing in whatever clothes they wear. Therefore, they are prepared to pay for laundry services. Another bonus is that laundry is done frequently. This means a successful laundry business with a lot of traffic will generate a lot of cash.