This content was written for the Business News Daily.

Starting a small business entails more than just the entrepreneurial drive. To set off on this journey, you require a side business idea that is practical. It must also be in-demand and unique enough to stand out from the crowd. I have come up with a list of small business ideas for women that aims to do exactly that.

Here are the top 10 small business ideas for women to start you off.


Career Coaching

If you have always had a passion for helping and inspiring people, why not do it and make some money from it as well. Beginning a career coaching practice may be the ideal scenario to doing what you love and having a significant impact on the people around you.

Career coaching allows you to work with people from all ages; from youths who are uncertain about which career choice to take or how to get their ideal job to older clients seeking a change in their career.


Online Retailer 


You don’t need a brick & mortar shop to set up a retailer. Go online and start an e-commerce business.

You may not have expected a retail business to make the small business ideas for women list. However, it is not necessary to be a big-box retailer to open up an online shop. Regardless of whether you sell straight to the clients or make use of a delivery service, the only things you require to get started is to build a website and have the correct e-commerce software.

The products you sell can either be your own or from other suppliers. If you are crafty and artistic, you may also sell your handmade works on Etsy or alternative online markets.


Event Planner

If you enjoy throwing parties and organizing meetings, then opening an event-planning business can change your passion into a money-making endeavor. If you are an event planner, you may assist people and organizations plan their need to be resourceful and possess a sharp eye for detail.

You will also require a great deal of patience to handle customer demands and the capability to maintain your cool during stressful scenarios and unplanned disasters.


Home-based Food Services

If you have a gentle spot for baking or cooking, then you should think about becoming a personal chef. Maybe even a home-based bakery or any other catering business. It is possible for you to create your masterpieces for people, events, and organizations.

Aside from the satisfactory feeling of fulfilling your passion, it is a good method of exploring your culinary skills. You should be aware that home-based food businesses are regulated intensely. Thus, it is important that you are aware of all the rules and regulations for your region.   


Errand Service

Most people work long hours and have several personal responsibilities. This leaves plenty that is left unfinished in the present-day household. There is a rise in demand for errand services such as shopping for groceries and picking up dry cleaning.

The best part of errand services is that it only needs a car and a cell phone. Begin with few customers and if you do a good job, your reputation will grow rapidly through word of mouth.  




If you are fluent in multiple languages, becoming a translator will be very lucrative for you.

The world is getting smaller every day with people from various backgrounds, cultures, and regions moving closer to each other. One of the challenges this brings up is the different languages that interact. Everyone from medical practitioners to IT firms is finding themselves in positions where they require foreign language speakers. They need assistance in interacting with their clients as well as translate their site copy and promotional content.

If you can speak multiple languages as well as possess good organization and marketing skills then you could find yourself swamped with work.


Virtual Assistant

If you have experience in administration and want to be your own boss, a virtual assistant is ideal for you. Virtual assistants can work from anywhere. They carry out all the tasks of their clients. Such as paying bills, follow up on clients, open and reply emails as well as invoicing. All these jobs, as well as several others, may be carried out from your personal laptop through the Internet.



Every single person with a website will let you know that they possess a constant need which is new content. Most search engines give top priority to websites with most recent and relevant content. However, most businesses do not have the resources to devote themselves to writing fresh content daily.

If you are well versed in writing, English or journalism, then you could discover that there is plenty of demand for your services. The options are numerous such as press releases, web content and blog posts allowing you to do a lot of writing.



There exist very few businesses that can survive and thrive without having a bookkeeper. However, this does not imply that they need to have a full-time employee dedicated to doing bookkeeping. If you have expertise in financing, you can provide bookkeeping services as an independent business. Most of the work can be carried out remotely with the occasional popping in the office especially when it is tax season.    


Social Media Consultant

Finally, to end the list of small business ideas for women is social media consultancy. If you are well versed in using social media you could capitalize on the opportunity to become a social media consultant. People have come to accept that social media provides a grand platform for marketing opportunities for businesses. But, not everyone is well versed in using social media as a marketing tool. You can provide services that assist current businesses to incorporate social media into their marketing strategies.



These small business ideas for women are exactly what they are – ideas. Ensure you carry out a detailed research before setting out on a given business. For a side business to thrive and grow into your main business, you must work hard and perseverance.