All You Need to Know About Small Side Businesses Worth $1k or More Monthly

Do you have a small business ideas list to make, but you are struggling for inspiration? Do you seek to have a monthly return of one thousand dollars or more from your small side business idea?

Your search has ended. This read will highlight some of the small business ideas that guarantee you a return of one thousand dollars or more in a month.

Business returns are dependent on the effort you put into the business. However, capital investment in the business is what determines your earnings at the end of the month. The more you invest the more the returns.

Developing a side business that can earn you more than one thousand dollars or more in a month, is easier than you think. The following is a list of small business ideas that might be of interest to you.

List of Ten Small Business Ideas

Starting a business is not easy. Bare in mind, it takes a lot of effort, hard work, and patience. Therefore, before starting a business, identify your talent, skills, and passion. Look through the following small business ideas list to make a substantial side income.


1. Event Planner

To get things started on the small business ideas list to make, there is event planning. This is a small business idea that does not require much investment capital. With proper marketing, this small business can be very lucrative.

Events and parties go all round the year thus; good quality services are bound to bring in good returns.

Plan your schedule well and apply creativity. Create a database of your clientele, get a good team to help you plan, and get things moving.


2. Consultant

Do you have expertise in any particular field? Use this knowledge and experience to open a consultancy business. Today, expert input is necessary for anything. Whether it be nutrition, health, business, tax matters, among others. This small business idea does not even require the presence of a central location. Expert advice is transmittable through calls, messages, letters, and even video calls. This small business has constant demand in the market. This shows that its financial returns are worth every minute of input.


3. Language Tutor

Are you good in any language? Do you speak and write fluently? Language tutoring is a great business plan because foreign visitors are always seeking this service. Students may also seek the help of a tutor in a language subject.

The target market for language tutoring is wide and expansive. You can expand this through its linkage to interpretation. With this, your target market expands to language interpretation in social and corporate gatherings. Language tutoring is a small overlooked lucrative business.


4. Property Manager

Property management is pretty much the agency in a tenancy relationship. It entails working towards managing other people’s property on their behalf. Management refers to the property improvement and sales.

An example of a property that is mainly up for management is seasonal properties. Seasonal properties are for the sole purpose of use during a specific period. It is part of your job description to oversee any maintenance in preparation for a seasonal visit.

However, this small business idea is not as easy as it sounds because it is based on trust. Property mismanagement liability falls to you as the property manager. Therefore, you have to be constantly up to speed with the state of the property of your clients.


5. Personal Trainer

This small business is very lucrative due to its flexibility. Licenses are a light barrier to entry in this business. Nevertheless, with the appropriate certifications and licenses, your personal training business will kick off very fast.

Make sure your provision of good quality services is dynamic and creative. Step away from the age-old coaching and add little tweaks like music, and dance, among other things.


6. Web Developer & Designer

Explore your website development and design skills by starting out a web development business. Apply your creativity and wit into this low investment business. The main requisite is access to a computer.

Even with no knowledge of web development, you can strive to teach yourself about web development through numerous online technology education videos, or teaching applications.

Furthermore, there are available applications that make it easier. With the growth of businesses in towns, this business is flourishing.


7. Freelance Writer

Amongst the small business ideas list to make is freelance writing. This involves writing publishable articles and pieces for company websites and such. It could even be for blogs.

Freelance writing can also double up with proofreading and editing. This business is set on creating and ensuring that written work is of publishable quality.

Company websites are in need of a description of their services and products to their audiences. Finally, use this opportunity to showcase customizable website designs.


8. Accountant

With the requisite credentials and experiences, you can start a small accountancy business. Do you have accounting knowledge?

This job requires knowledge, training, experience and licensing. With this knowledge, you start many businesses. This could range from bookkeeping small business books, working up income statements, balance sheets and other financial reports within some periods.

Many other accounting duties are available. Most small business owners have no issue when it comes to handling their own bookkeeping records nevertheless, they prefer getting professional help for better accuracy.


9. Catering Services

Do you enjoy cooking? Are you in possession of various cookbooks and homemade recipes? Gourmet cooking service might just be the right business venture for you.

This venture has a lot of potential and legal credentials are not necessary. However, trust and loyalty from the clientele are necessary.

Start out by offering to-go-meals. This entails making meals prior and selling them to clients. Your target market here should be the corporate environment. Since they lack the time to sit down and have good home-cooked meals at work.

With the summer heat, very few people feel the need to walk to restaurants in the scorching heat for a meal. Expand your business by offering home catering services for events like birthdays, anniversaries, and family reunions, among others.


10. Delivery Services

Lastly, on the small business ideas list to make, is delivery services. Nowadays people just do not have the time to pick up goods, be it dry cleaned clothes or food. This is a good entrepreneurship opportunity. Most people will pay for delivery of pretty much anything to their doorstep.

Figure out what exactly you would like to deliver. You should not feel limited to delivering a specific good; multiple good deliveries are a good side business option.


If you are going to succeed in a new startup business, you have to be mentally prepared.

Entrepreneurship is a risky business. With that warning, we encourage you to take heart as the path you are about to walk will not be an easy one. You will experience setbacks. Therefore, it is necessary that you settle for a business idea that you find fulfilling and enticing.

Before embarking on a business, ensure that you are mentally ready to take up new tasks and that you carry out sufficient due diligence on the business and any of its surrounding factors.

You now have your own small business ideas list to make, so do not give up. It will be rewarding eventually. Good luck in your endeavors!