When designing a lifestyle, it’s often necessary to balance a full-time job in order to set yourself up for success, and make the eventual transition away from it as pain-free as possible. This translates to many long nights, and a lot of work on the way to getting where you want to be.

But how do you balance a full-time job, and designing a lifestyle? The following suggestions will aim to steer you in the right direction – all you have to do is follow them.

Make Goals; Celebrate Wins

First off, make sure that any extra work you’re doing to design an income has an actual purpose.

In order to make sure you’re constantly working towards full-time independent work, it’s necessary to set goals and benchmarks on the way to making that happen.

Some examples of goals to set for yourself might include:

  • Finding a certain number of clients/jobs related to your niche, before quitting your full-time job
  • Creating an elevator pitch, business email templates, and professional materials like a business card/website
  • Gathering testimonials from people you’ve worked with to help sell future customers on working with you
  • Producing a certain number of projects before quitting to use as case studies/portfolio material

Don’t just engage in busy work without a purpose. By doing things that actively set you up for success, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment.

After hitting certain goals, don’t hesitate to reward yourself – you deserve it!

Take a Day (or Night) Off

It may be tempting to dive into work from the moment you get home from your full-time job, to the wee hours of the night. And there will certainly be days like this, where you stretch yourself thin in the pursuit of designing a lifestyle.

That said, it’s important to find a balance, even when adding work to the tail end of your full-time job. Don’t burn yourself out before you really even get started! Make sure that when you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, you take a night off.

There’s no shame in recharging.

Make Time for Fun

In the same vein as the previous advice for how to balance a full-time job and designing a lifestyle, make sure that you’re not spending all your time (and free time!) working. Plan fun activities with friends and family, even if it’s just an hour out of your day.

There’s certainly something to rejuvenating about getting away from work, and spending time with the people you care about. You’ll come back into your work with a different perspective. Sometimes, this perspective change can bring something new to a project you were previously struggling with.

Balance a Full-Time Job while Designing a Side Income…

Don’t sabotage your own success when you balance a full-time job and design a lifestyle. If you’ve already bridged the gap – what worked for you? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.