Communication Skills Courses 

Developing your communication cycle.

I see sales as a communication cycle. Sales is also a key for increasing your income. Take communication skills courses when you can. Personally, I’ve taken several. More than almost anything else, communication skills are one of the most important skills you can develop for increasing your income.

There’s a series of steps that are needed to help someone move along the buying process. It’s critical to have a road map and direction for what you’re doing, and how to improve.

Communication skills courses

These four steps will help you create a foundation for a communication cycle, and will help in developing your communication skills.

Before any type of communication…

Plan – What’s your plan? Before every sales situation, you should try to gather as much information on the person you’re speaking with before talking with them.

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All military excursions and engagements have a plan before execution. Adopt this mindset for your business to think and act the same. The more information you can gather before participation, the more prepared you’ll be.

Practice – Everyone that has ever been great at something practices before the event. If you’re in sales, it can be as simple as taking 15 mins to 30 minutes a day practicing with someone in your field.

You can cover objections, situations, and closes. The more you practice, the greater the results you’ll achieve.

After any important communications…

Evaluate – Whether you make a sale or don’t make a deal, you’ll benefit from evaluating what happened.

  • What objections did you get?
  • Any concerns?
  • What questions could you have addressed better?
  • What were the positives and negatives?

Keeping a journal (or even a video journal) will help.

Lastly, Adjustments. Now is the time to make all the regarded changes for better planning, then start the cycle over again.

By using the communication cycle, and improving your process with communication skills courses, you’ll accomplish your goals much faster. Let this give you a foundation and understanding of what you can do to become a better communicator.

Brian Zimmerman - Denver, CO