I’ve often found myself in the situation where I want to start and grow a business. But I have a limited budget. Trying to find a solution to my problem, I turned to the Internet for advice. Looking for ways on how to grow a business with no money.

But more often than not, I’d find myself disappointed. It seemed like everything I read online was attached to a paid course.

Basically, the course creator wanted money to teach me how to grow a business with no money! It’s funny to think about the paradox in retrospect. But regardless of my personal feelings about the situation, I did what needed to be done. I found the money to invest in my new education.

I know what it’s like to be concerned about marketing or growing your business. Now I understand what it’s like to not have as much money as you think you need. With that in mind, there’s one marketing tool I want to share with you. A tool that you probably already have. It can be incredibly valuable. And it won’t cost you any additional spend.

You ready for this?

This practically free (minus your initial investment for personal purposes!) marketing tool is none other than the camera on your cell phone. Yes, the device that’s probably sitting next to you right now.

With your cell phone camera, you can…

  • Easily create how-to videos
  • Do product demonstrations.
  • Create videos based on specific keywords, upload the video to Youtube, and title the video correctly so that it will get ranked on Google very fast.

Once you have a video ranked on the first page of Google, you should start receiving traffic and phone calls to your site, or at a rate higher than before.


The video is an excellent way to market yourself online when you have little to no money. It’s also a great marketing tool when you do have money.

More than likely, your competition isn’t using a lot of videos. Therefore, if you’re consistent with using video on a weekly basis, you could start developing a following of potential prospects that start to know you and feel connected to you.

Now you can see why it is one of the best online methods if you want to know how to grow a business with no money.

And your cell phone isn’t just helpful for online marketing – it should also be a critical element of your offline marketing plan. Use it to drum up some business, and start dialing for dollars.

I’m serious.

How bad do you want to build a business? At the end of the day, telling yourself that you have no money to market or grow your business is only an excuse that’s stopping you from achieving your goals and dreams.

A personal story:

In 2009 I dialed through an entire phonebook three times. Yes, I said three times. It was painful, but I knew I had to make it happen.

I used the phonebook to call local small business owners and sold them local marketing services. Then I outsourced the marketing on a website called Elance, which has since integrated with a company called oDesk to form the current freelancing site UpWork.

With no money to my name at the time. I was living at my friend’s mom’s house because I didn’t have any money to pay for rent. It was a low time in my life. My ego took a hit every time I went on a date. I had to tell my date that I was living at my friend’s mom’s house!

I know how to grow a business with no money. Having done it myself, and I’m telling you, the phone is your secret sauce.

In a matter of 30 days, I built a $4k/month business by simply calling local business owners. You can do the same. The smartphone that you have in your hand is a lot more powerful than what I had in 2009. Using the phone as a tool allows anyone to grow a business with little to no money.

The only obstacle you have is maybe overcoming a little fear and being creative to step outside your comfort zone. If you’re able to do that, the sky is the limit.