Make Extra Money

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A couple of weeks ago I was listening to a mentor of mine, Frank Kern, discuss how once he changed his desire from making extra money and having material things such as cars, big houses, to focusing more on the person he needs to become. He discussed once he changed his life rapidly changed and he was able to accomplish his goals much faster. 

Let me share the idea with you. 

After listening to him discuss this, I realized how much sense it made to me. 

I thought, “what if I focused more on the person I need to become to achieve faster results?” 

If you want to make extra money, become the person you need to become to do that. 

I would like to share with you how you can also focus more on the person you need to become to increase to not only accomplish your goals but to make extra money.

Over the last several years, I’ve attended several live pieces of training. Many of these training discuss goal setting and goal achieving. 

I’ve learned how to make vision boards. 

I’ve written my materialistic goals on 5 x 5 note cards. 

I’ve even created subliminal audios that I would listen to at night. 

I think these types of goal techniques work, but I’ve realized it’s more important for me now to focus on the person I need to become to achieve the results I desire.

“Who do I need to become to build a successful business that can provide extra money to support my family, donate at a higher level, and provide more opportunities for my family?”

Get away from the topic of making extra money for a minute. You can use this technique in other areas of your life as well. 

Who do you need to become to be a better spouse? If you have relationship challenges, how do you need to start being to fix the situation?

What I did first…

Money Making List to Make Extra Money

I first started out by making a list of all the traits the person would have that had my ideal life. (Not that my life is or was bad, but I wanted to become better.)

I thought about the way this person would talk. 

I thought about how this person would be toward his wife and children. 

I then envisioned how the ideal person I wanted to be would be as a businessman. 

I then asked myself.

What skills would this person have? 

How would he treat people? 

What size of company or companies would he have? 

Lastly, I envisioned the ideal person and how healthy he was. 

What would he look like? 

How would he work out and when would he work out?

After I had finished envisioning all the traits my ideal self would have to achieve the results I wanted, I made a list of those attributes. 

I called those traits the “Traits of a Champion.” 

For example, a few of the characteristics or traits a champion would have in my mind were: the ability to lead others, being humble, healthy and active, honest, ability to sell, forgiving, caring, nourishing, strength, passion, compassionate, focused, integrity to self, calculated risk taker, abundance of energy, ability to say no, ability to produce revenue, and positive mindset. 

These are just a few examples I had for myself.

Once I had the list written down, I went through the list and documented examples of times in my life when I demonstrated those traits

By giving myself examples, I was anchoring in my mind examples of myself already being my ideal person. The person I needed to be to achieve my goals. 

I am now reading through this list within the first 30 minutes of waking up at four am six days a week. It’s reminding myself that I’ve already demonstrated these qualities and attributes in my life. 

I only need to be more consistent with the person I need to become to make extra money, to have the best relationships, and to be the best version of myself every day. 

What I like about this is it providing me a list of the actual skills required to achieve my goals. It’s giving me proof I’ve already demonstrated these qualities.  

It’s a real roadmap for me to follow. I can now look at this list every day to remind myself why I’m working on these traits to accomplish my goals. 

If I’m not working on at least one of those traits at all times, then I know I’m off course.

Go ahead and try this exercise out for yourself. 

Make a list of all the traits you need to have to accomplish your goals and make extra money to help support your ideal lifestyle.