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“Stop eating if you want to succeed!” He told me…

Have you ever been so driven to succeed you forgot to eat? I’ve been there.

About three weeks ago, I went and shadowed SBA entrepreneur and mentor of mine, Clay Clark. Clay is unique in the way he’s able to achieve massive business success in a way that seems natural. It’s cool.

Clay is great when it comes to getting things done. He talks a lot about what you need to manage your side business successfully if you’re going to win. As I followed him around like a little-lost puppy dog, I watched him operate as if he was a machine.

healthy-side-business-drinkHe told me to succeed if it required you to stop eating lunch to achieve your goals, then do it. In fact, he recommends taking a fast break and drinking a Myoplex protein shake.

It took me about two seconds to realize how much sense this makes.

I’ve spoken to thousands of clients and individuals looking to increase their incomes in the USA from different parts of the country.

I’ve heard many say it would make a world of difference if they could increase their income by a couple thousand bucks on the side.

To manage your side business successfully, you have to manage your time.

As I would start asking them questions around their current time management skills, I would realize there’s always an hour or two a day that someone could squeeze out of their day to devote to their side income project.

What if you missed your lunch and made the sacrifice for a couple of months to launch your side hustle business?

Wouldn’t it be worth it to you? I know it was for me. I built a service business to an extra $3k a month, and it only requires about 1 hour of my time a month now. I can’t begin to explain how that’s saved me from time to time.

It does not make it rich money, but it covers a couple of bills. I built that business on my lunch breaks, nights, and weekends for about seven months, and now for the past two years, it’s required very little of my time.

You can do the same, but it starts with knowing you can build a side business if you wanted.

I offer a personal Find My Side Business time management program. It’s a $97 program that will walk you through the exact exercises I used to use to help many people find the extra time to build a side business.

You can make it happen.