I was reading an article in the Business Insider about a millionaire driver on UBER. For six months, his goal was to learn what it was like to be rated and to also learn how to provide better customer service for his own company.

His name is PAUL ENGLISH. He is the founder of the travel app LOLA. The app makes recommendations for rental cars, hotels, and flights. With his UBER role, PAUL had the opportunity to interact daily with his target customers.

He was asking questions about their frustrations and concerns.

So what can we learn from PAUL?

Lesson to be learned

The lesson from this experience is to find opportunities to walk in the shoes of your customers. If you want to better your customer service, go directly to your target customer, and ask them how a service or product can be better.

If you want to start a side income business, your fastest way into profit will be to find a need and fulfill that need.

When multi-millionaire PAUL ENGLISH decided to take the UBER job, it was because he wanted to figure out the needs of his market. The aim would then be to address those needs in the business he was starting.

If you’re starting a small business from home, you can do the same thing! The faster you determine the marketplace’s needs, the sooner you’ll be making money and achieving your goals.

Put it into practice

If you are looking to start and build a side business, it’s important to act similarly to the millionaire driver on Uber.

Make sure you figure out the needs of a marketplace. Then find a way to fulfill those needs.

If you’re not sure what business to start, you can try first listening to customers. Carry out further research on a particular industry you are considering.