Quitting Your Job to Start Business:

Did you know that many businesses are started by owners that at one time worked for someone else in a related field to their new business?

This is how many quit their jobs to start a business.

Think of it like this…

You’re working for a company, and you’re thinking to yourself that you can do what your employer is doing better. You might think your unique strengths lie in treating customers better or providing a better service or product, and you’re feeling good about the possibility of starting your own business.

This is how many businesses start.

Quitting Your Job To Start Business

[Before you quit your job to start a business, you can follow a step-by-step system we’ve created that will help you take your idea and turn it into an actual business. We call is the Job to Business Rescue System. It’s your step-by-step training to launch your next business idea. Contact us today to learn more!]

Before you quit your job to start a business

Here’s a 4-step system to quitting your job to start a business that operates in a similar way to where you currently work.

1) Learn everything you can about the firm you’re working for now.

There are two key areas in which to pay attention. One is how the sales process is executed:

  • Are there ways you feel it can be improved?
  • How would you do things differently?

Whether you’re in sales or not, it’s going to be important to develop, model, or create a sales system that works. If your employer’s system works, don’t recreate it. Instead, model the best parts of it.

2) Start developing your leadership ability.

While you’re working for someone else, with the desire eventually to go out on your own, you can work on this ability. 

Practice the art of delegation. You can practice on co-workers, and see how they react to your guidance. If they don’t respond well, you’ll know it’s necessary to start tweaking and adjusting your leadership style until you find the sweet spot that works.

3) Practice intrapreneurship.

Intrapreneurship is a term you might start hearing all over the place. The term refers to someone that has entrepreneurship qualities within someone else’s organization.

Intrapreneurs help improve products, services, and systems within someone else’s business. An Intrapreneur is someone that might even develop their own product within someone else’s business.

By taking a leadership role, and practicing your creative abilities, it helps you to develop the skills you will need later to innovate in your own business.

4) Start saving your money.

I cannot tell you how important this is – you will need money to start your business. I wish I had more money saved before venturing out on my own! Try to do your best to save up money, so you lessen the financial stress that may come about with being your boss.

Try to do your best to save up money, which will lessen the financial stress that may come about with being your boss.

Quitting Your Job To Start A Business – Video Recap 

I would never suggest you copy or steal from your employer, so don’t assume that’s what I’m suggesting. That would be unethical, but there’s nothing wrong with modeling and making your systems, process, and services similar. Find ways to improve, and make things better. Enjoy the process of making it on your own.

Brian Zimmerman - Denver, CO