Two Objection Blocking Formulas That Will Increase Your Sales

Sales techniques overcoming objections:

There are a lot of different ways of handling objections. I don’t know if there is a right or wrong way. I tend to stay open minded to many respects of doing things.

What I do is I try a lot of methods, and the ones I remember to use are the ones I assume were meant to be. The objection blocking formula is a technique you can use in many different situations of selling.

Yes, There’s a lot of sales techniques to overcoming objections, but let’s discuss this further. 

It’s about telling stories that show or demonstrate a third party person, place or thing was overcoming the situation your prospect might be facing.

It’s one thing if we overcome an objection. It’s another if someone hears a third part story or testimonial that overcomes their objections. 

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It’s also about having them overcome their obstacles.

Sales Techniques Overcoming ObjectionsIf you tell a story about yourself, it’s going to be less believable, but if you’re able to tell a story about a third party person, it’s much more believable. If you overcome an objection, it’s debatable, yet if they overcome their objection, it’s music to their ears.

Let’s dive into this a little more, so you can see what I mean.

Here’s the set up for using a story. We’ll start with a way that’s a little less effective and then take a look at a more effective way.

Sales techniques overcoming objections: Money Example…

Less Effective:

When I was looking to do [fill in the blank], I knew I didn’t have the money, but I knew I had to make a change, so I took the lead of faith and put it on a credit card. You then explain in further detail about using credit. 

More effective:

One time I had a customer, prospect, or client that ran into a similar situation where they felt they didn’t have the money. You then tell the story that relates to their issue and ties it down to the end.

You can even involve the person in the story by having them finish the story for you, in their words.

You’ll ask, what do you think this person decided to do?

You then agree with them and say, “I think you’re right.”

The more you can have your prospects address their issues, the more believable it becomes to them, and selling becomes much easier.

I’m going to provide you another example. Let’s say your prospect has a conflict with the dates and times. There’s one of a couple of ways to approach this situation.

Sales techniques overcoming objections: Lack of Time Example…

Less Effective:

Prospect – “I can’t make those dates.”

You – “If you have a conflict with that date then change it!”

You’ll notice the tone here. It’s very combative. It also creates conflict. As soon as you cause any conflict, you instantly pull yourself out of rapport. Conflict draws people right out of rapport

More effective:

You: What advice would you give someone that had these goals they wanted to accomplish but had a conflict with the time or date? (Many times they tell you they would change their schedule to make the time and dates work.)

Remember. When it comes to objection blocking, the more you try to prevent their objections, the more it just becomes debatable. The more that you get your prospects to overcome themselves the more likely it becomes gospel.

The more that you get your prospects to overcome themselves the more likely it becomes gospel. You do this by using as many third party testimonials and stories as you can. Try to get your prospects to finish sentences for you. When a prospect hears third part stories and testimonials, it’s much more believable, and they come to their conclusions.

People like to make decisions when it’s their idea and not someone else’s. 

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