Do you personally have a second source of income?

second source of income

Several years ago, like most people, I had only one source of income. And from that one source, I was able to pay all my expenses. The challenge is it still wasn’t the amount of money I wanted. I always felt like I was short and not getting ahead.

When I was in the Marine Corps, it was the same, I felt like I never had enough money. I remember I saved up over $11,000.00 when I was 20 years old and stationed in Japan. I thought I was the king of the Camp Hanson Marine base. Until I realized that $11,000 wasn’t much money at all. It took me about a year to save up that money. I began to realize one source of income wasn’t going to do it for me.

A Second Source of Income Became A Desire

I decided to research and look into different ways of making additional money. I felt if I could build a second source of income, it would not only multiply my money, but it would give me the opportunity to invest it and compound those funds.

When I looked at putting my money into a traditional mutual fund or stocks, I realized those vehicles were not for me as an end all be all for my future. The reason they were not for me was because I didn’t want to retire conservatively.

I wanted to not worry about money, ever!

I first learned about the idea of my money making money by reading a book in Korea called Investing for Dummies. I actually found the book while on guard duty around 2 am in the morning in a Republic of Korea Marine base. I picked the book up and read a few pages. It made sense, but what didn’t make sense was turning your money over to fund managers and strangers and having them manage my money.

I felt like I needed to learn myself how to get my money making money. I felt that by always having more than one income source it would give me more security and the ability to invest in myself.

While in the Marines, I started to look into other ways of making money outside of the income I was earning from the Marine Corps. I got involved in different money making opportunities. I had some success, but the whole recruiting people and bothering fifty people a day wasn’t for me. (Even though I continued to try these different businesses for many years after.)

I even learned to sell for people as a side income. I had the opportunity to have a part-time income selling a business building course for another entrepreneur. I ended up making a few extra thousand on the side of my military income, which was nice because I was making extra money.

Today, my life has changed. 

I have a young family and the pressure to provide and make more money has become greater. I have more concerns than I did when I was a single Marine, but the thought of always having a second source of income is still very important to me. I’ve always made extra money on top of my primary income. I’ve sold door to door. I’ve built internet businesses, I’ve invested in the markets, I’ve purchased and sold commodities, I’ve done real estate, and even mobile home investing.

I’ve always made extra money on top of my primary income. I’ve sold door to door. I’ve built internet businesses, I’ve invested in the markets, I’ve purchased and sold commodities, I’ve done real estate, and even mobile home investing.

Although I’ve not wealthy, yet.  I’ve pretty much made at least six figures a year since I was 22 years old. There was one year when I started a business, invested a ton of money into it, and it didn’t end up working out. Blah. Oh well, lesson learned.

You don’t require any special degrees to have a second source of income

I only have some college and I have major learning disabilities. Because I have the ability to do several things to make money, it’s always been my security blanket.

When I turned 34, I realized I wanted to do more for other people. I wanted to make an impact in the world, and I didn’t want to just live a life that didn’t contribute and give back. I began to think about what I could help others with.

What I realized is a valuable skill to share with others. The skill was the ability to produce second sources of income that protected, provided, and allowed people to prosper.

What are your skills?

I realized that a skill like this was the difference between paying bills and not paying bills. It was the difference between someone paying for their kids’ college and not. It was the difference between someone having discretionary income or not.

I have traveled nearly all the states in the USA. I’ve also been to thirteen different countries. I have spoken to many people during that time. I feel that one of the biggest concerns for most people is related to money. People want to provide more for their families and they are tired of not having enough to do what they want in life.

When you’re able to build a second income stream, you start giving yourself more opportunities in life. You also provide a security blanket so if anything ever happens to your primary income, then you have something to get you by. My goal is to show 10,000 people how to produce an extra income stream. 

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