Do you dream about being self-employed and starting your own home business?

These tips and tricks will help you get started. 

Everyone has a different level of self-confidence. When it comes to starting a self-employed home business/side hustle, it’s important to work on different levels of self-confidence. As an entrepreneur, you’ll personally face more criticism, rejection, and doubt than you would in just about any other career.

Self-confidence in the dictionary is defined as:

“A feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment.”

Start working on self-confidence from the inside. This is what will get you through the up and downs, and the inevitable emotional roller coasters ahead.

self-employed home business and business owner Self-made millionaire Grant Cardone.

Dan Kennedy, a highly renowned marketer, entrepreneur, and author, as a lot to share on the topic of self-confidence.

Dan says there are five critical things you most do on a daily basis to develop and build your self-confidence as an entrepreneur.

Self-employed home business self-confidence tips

1. Do something every day to move you forward with your idea. If what you’re doing isn’t helping you to move forward, do something else that will.

Developing your knowledge through reading and studying others. These things will help you build self-confidence at a faster rate.

2. Establish a self-monitoring system. To me, this means following a daily checklist that gauges your progress with tasks needing to be accomplished.

For example, if you’re trying to lose weight, you might opt to take the stairs instead of the elevator.

If you’re building a course (something I’m currently working on), plan to have a certain amount of videos and training created weekly to reach self-enforced deadlines.

“Creating tasks that are achievable, and finishing them daily, builds self-confidence as a self-employed home business professional.”

3. Secure support and accountability. By reporting to someone that holds you accountable, you’ll work hard so that you don’t let them down. The actual accomplishments that result will help to increase self-confidence.

Without accountability, it’s easy to fall into bad habits. This is why coaching and mentoring are important. Coaching can take on many forms, including pre-recorded video training programs, but the best accountability comes from a person you speak directly to on a weekly basis. 

4. Reward yourself for accomplishments. Invite friends over to celebrate your wins. Take yourself out to dinner when you feel accomplished. Most importantly, celebrate the small things as much as you celebrate big wins.

As you start doing better financially, you’ll be able to reward yourself with little gifts and treats. Look forward to celebrating the fruits of your labor – just don’t go overboard. 

5. Avoid burnout by taking a day off. It might be tempting to lose yourself in the hustle. However, your body and mind need to get away from the hassle and grind of building and being an entrepreneur every so often.

Taking a day off helps take pressure off your mind and body. It allows new ideas to evolve. Avoid having to force yourself to do things. Your best work will come when you’re relaxed and focused.

Looking for more self-confidence tips? We’ll be sharing more tips aimed at self-employed home business start-ups in future blog posts.

For every level of success and being self-employed in a home business, there are new skills and confidences required. Start by doing the little things, and creating rituals that develop into amazing habits and self-esteem.

By actively moving your self-employed home business forward on a daily basis, and surrounding yourself with the right people, you allow yourself to accomplish your goals and dreams. When you see the fruits of your labor, you’ll be able to cultivate the ability to believe in yourself more than ever.

Brian Zimmerman - Denver, CO