People in today’s workforce are facing uncertainty not seen in generations, and the days of a guaranteed job are gone. In these fluctuating times, developing and maintaining a side business is essential. Your motivation may be either to earn extra cash or to build a new career. In any case, you will need to tap into the resources readily available as you venture out. Regardless of your skills, subscribing to these side hustle newsletters will prepare you for what’s next. Each one is filled with tricks and tips of those who’ve gone before you in the side business game.

Tim Ferriss

Noted author of The 4-Hour Work Week, and host of the podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show, Tim shares useful stories from the business world and beyond that are sure to inspire you. From world-renowned chefs, to serial entrepreneurs, Tim gathers tips and insights from intriguing movers and shakers.

Pat Flynn

The face behind Smart Passive Income, Pat Flynn hosts a weekly podcast to help you start generating passive income for you and your family. He’s a big believer in leveraging the web to build income streams. By subscribing to his newsletter and filling out your preferences, you’ll receive content specifically tailored to your needs, and gain access to ebooks and other resources to start you on your journey to earning a higher income.

Double Your Freelancing

The go-to resource for those on the side business path, Double Your Freelancing has a plethora of content to inform, educate and equip you to be a successful freelancer. The site alone is filled with how-to’s, project rate calculators, guidebooks, and case studies. As a side hustle newsletter subscriber, you gain access to Brennan Dunn‘s free 9-lesson course on how to double your freelancing rate.

The Blogsmith

Maddy Osman, founder of The Blogsmith, is a social media and copywriting guru who freely shares the secrets to her success. Newsletter subscribers receive weekly blogging tips to help you put your best foot forward and find success online. If you’re just getting started, grab her 150+ resources for starting an online business ebook.

Elna Cain

As a successful freelance writer and coach, Elna Cain teaches her subscribers how to become a successful (and well paid) freelance writers. If you want to up your writing game, or increase your rates (or both!), Elna shares her best practices. Her site is filled with blog posts full of simple tips you can use now. FreelancerFAQs is another online property of hers that full of helpful guidance for new freelancers.

Side Hustle Newsletters to Follow

These side hustle newsletters will help you as you develop and maintain your own side business. Tap into the resources readily available and design your own income.

Are there any other side hustle newsletters you love and would add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!