How to Keep the Momentum Going On Your Side Hustle

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Most budding entrepreneurs with a full-time job end up burning the candle at both ends — working long hours at their “day job” and then coming home and spending late nights on their side hustle. 

While this strategy can work at first, it inevitably leads to a feeling of burnout later down the road. 

So here’s how to stay renewed in your passion and keep the momentum going on your side hustle.

While this strategy can work at first, it inevitably leads to a feeling of burnout later down the road.  

How to stay renewed in your passion and keep the momentum going on your side hustle.

Tip #1: Tame the productivity beast

There are many things that you’re probably doing each day that chews up valuable minutes in your day.

Take, for example, the simple act of checking Facebook.

What might have started out as just a 15-minute break to reward yourself for working a long day suddenly turns into a lost hour of your time?

Even worse, when you see beautiful images of your friends going out to dinner or enjoying the latest ballgame with their kids – you might start to question why you’re spending so much time working on your startup alone and not getting out there and enjoying life.

The key is to tame the productivity beast. Only check emails at certain times of the day, rather than relentlessly checking your inbox every few minutes.

Put away your smartphone and avoid all the consistent messages, updates and announcements. 

If need be, put on a pair of headphones to drown out the noise around you that’s distracting you.

In some cases, it may require completely re-thinking your schedule, so that you are always working on your side hustle when you are most productive.

If you are a “morning person,” for example, see if you can juggle your schedule so that you are working on your side hustle in the morning hours.

Tip #2: Set boundaries for your side hustle

Even if your family members know that you’re working on a new startup concept, that won’t stop them from viewing anytime you spend around the home as a potential opportunity to engage with you.

Your lovely young toddler may want to play with you, your significant other may be busy creating “to-do” lists for you, and your friends may be calling you up, asking you if you want to head out to a restaurant or cafe.

They aren’t intentionally trying to divert you from your calling in life, of course, but they are unknowingly keeping you from reaching your entrepreneurial goals.

So, you’re going to have to establish boundaries. Sometimes those boundaries have to be physical – like a closed door to your home office when you’re working on an important project.

Other times, it will require telling your friends, family, and colleagues that there are times when they simply can’t interrupt you or make requests of you.

If you live in a metropolitan area, it may require signing up to work at a co-working space that is specifically designed for entrepreneurs like you in mind.

Tip #3: Take advantage of all the interstitial moments during the day

How many times have you waited in line at the bank or some retail store with nothing to do? 

How many times have you been caught in traffic, just staring off into the distance and realizing that you were losing valuable time in your day?

Those are “interstitial moments” – little moments of 5, 10 or 15 minutes that break up the day.

Your goal is to leverage all those interstitial moments and turn them into productive time.

Take the morning or evening commute, for example.

What better time to listen to your favorite entrepreneurial podcast and learn something while you’re caught in traffic? Or take the example of being caught in line at a store – that’s a perfect time to use your mobile phone and get some mobile work done.

Even if it’s something as simple as updating some notes, or scheduling a new appointment, it’s time well spent. 

And those 10- and 15-minute blocks of time really add up!

Tip #4: Find a chance to recharge your mind

Even the most impressive entrepreneurial go-getters need time to recharge their minds.

Some do it daily, through 15 minutes of meditation in the morning.

Some do it by working out at the gym. And others do it by listening to their favorite music while going for a long run.

It doesn’t matter what you do – it could just be doing the dishes and tidying up the house – you need time to recharge mentally.

Your side hustle needs to be something that you’re excited about doing. If it starts to feel like a job – or, even worse, a grind – then you’re doing something wrong. the

That’s why taking the time to develop your mind is so important: it gives you the proper perspective on life, and it just makes you happier and more confident. 

And that can kind of positive energy is sure to attract others.

Tip #5: Manage your strategic priorities better

All great entrepreneurs share one common trait: they know how to manage their priorities.

In other words, they’ve devised a mental system for recognizing what’s important in their life, and what’s not.

They understand how to prioritize different projects, clients, and assignments. 

And they understand how everything fits together.

For example, say that you’ve managed to land a profitable client as part of your side hustle.

That might be great news – you’re getting paid on time, and you’re building your business. 

But what if that client is limiting the kind of work you can do, or limiting the potential audience for your work?

Those are also important priorities to keep in mind. So you have to know when to say “no” – there are just some projects and opportunities that won’t dovetail with what you are trying to accomplish with your side hustle.

Each of these tips, when combined, can help you to keep the momentum going with your side hustle and avoid the sure signs of burnout and fatigue that can accompany any effort to balance a full-time job and a new entrepreneurial venture.

But it is possible to pull off – just look at all the examples of successful entrepreneurs who have launched new startups, all while working part- or full-time.