How to move from the dreaming phase of starting a side income business, to the doing phase… in three simple steps.

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Are you ready to start a side income business?

Many people have great ideas or concepts that could lead them to starting a profitable side income business.

You’ve probably heard many of them talk about how they want to start a business, yet they never actually follow through with their ideas.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve sat down and spoken to many people on the topic of wanting to start a business.

After hundreds of conversations, I’ve found that most people can never get over the hurdles necessary to actually start doing something about it.

Fear holds people back. It is the single most common factor that gets in the way of action.

People are afraid to try something they don’t know about.

People are afraid of what someone else might think of them.

People are fearful of losing money.

All of these common situations are tied to this word we call fear.

But what does fear mean to you?

It’s normal and OK to have some fear, especially when it means stepping outside of what you know; your comfort zone. I myself still feel ear anytime I do something new.

I fear I’ll run out of money.

I fear the embarrassment of failing, and what others might think of me.

These same thoughts cross my mind, as well.

Here’s what I’ve done to work through my fear. Maybe it can help you.

First off, allow yourself to be OK with fear. Fear is valid, but it’s not OK to allow it to stop you.

We get better at dealing with fear by stepping one foot at a time outside of our comfort zones.

When you feel fearful of starting a side income business, take one baby step forward toward taking action. You’ll notice you’ll start feeling more comfortable soon after.

The fear never completely goes away, but you’ll feel a little better if you don’t let it control your actions.

Another solution when starting a side income business is always seeking out education, and not necessarily in the traditional sense. Instead, learn from those that have been where you want to go. Start by following a proven path vs. blazing your own trail.

By following a mentor and a system, you’ll lower the fear of starting a side income businesses, because you’ll find reassurance in someone guiding and holding your hand.

Watch the video version. How to stop dreaming and start doing…

Lastly, you don’t have to start a side income business by investing a lot of time or resources. To be sure, businesses take time and money, but you can start with baby steps. Invest a small amount of money (ant time), so you’re not risking it all.

You might opt to stay at your current job while you build a business on the side. Find a niche market to present your idea to, and see how things go.

Once you’ve gained some confidence and knowledge, you’ll be able to start scaling the business and growing it faster.

Don’t let fear stop you.

Take small steps outside your comfort zone. Acknowledge your fears, and understand they’re normal.

Have fun, and go create a side income business.

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Brian Zimmerman - Denver, CO