Do you feel that you have too much going on to start a side business?

start a side business

I understand the feeling of being overwhelmed or what it’s like to feel like you don’t have enough time to set aside to work on starting a side business. I know because I have a wife and three kids, and it’s tough juggling around the different business ventures, family, friends, and obligations I have. 

I think the best way to be able to juggle so much is to make sure you build a system for all areas of your life.

Let me explain what I have done in order to fit in the time.

How I build and start a side business with family obligations…

I have young kids. Their ages at the time I’m writing this are 10, 5, and 3. The kiddos depend on me to be a dad. They also rely on me to make sure I’m providing. 

I understand how tough this can be trying to do both and by the way be a husband. The only way I’ve found to make this work is to schedule time for them. 

I have found that if I turn off my cell phone around 530-630 every night and just commit to running around with my kids for an hour or sitting down and reading, then I realize how happy they are. 

By me setting up a scheduled system for my family and also adding the layer of turning off my phone, it’s helping to make sure I’m not getting distracted and that the time I do spend with them feels like quality time.

To start a side business, you will have to make sacrifices. 

Because I’ve committed to playing with my children a certain amount of time every day, I’ve had to make sacrifices in other areas of my life. I now wake up at 4 am to start my day. I do this instead of working until 7-9 p.m. If you have a full-time job, waking up earlier to work on your business is priority. 

I think this has also helped me feel like I’ve accomplished a lot at the beginning of the day. I think waking up earlier allows me to be more efficient because fewer distractions are going on. The chances of someone calling me at 4 am are slim to none.

You might have to start waking up earlier every day. It will feel tough or impossible at first, but after a few days, you’ll get the hang of it. 

Being able to start a side business while making your spouse happy. 

My wife is incredible, and I couldn’t do what I do if it weren’t for her. She’s made great sacrifices for us as well. She’s an amazing woman. It’s also important that I make her feel loved every day. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect by far when it comes to managing business, work, and family, but I’m trying my best. 

In order to do my best, I make sure I give her time daily. This requires scheduling, systems, and routines. I now walk into the house with my phone either off or in airplane mode. I handle all possible distractions before walking in our home. I’ve found that by being present and away from all distractions, it gives her the ability to feel a sense of love and caring.

By prioritizing your schedule, building systems, and routines, you’ll be able to get so much more done. Most of us are not as productive in all areas of life as we can be. By you starting to set better boundaries, creating rituals and routines in all areas of your life, you’ll realize you can easily carve out enough time to either start a new business or begin the process of increasing your current income.