Do you like talking about yourself?

Do you believe using testimonials for marketing can help you increase your sales?

Sure you do…

I get it. You might not come right out and admit it.

I’m sure if I asked you some personal questions about something you enjoyed doing or something you were passionate about, then you would get excited and want to talk about it.

This excitement of sharing with others is the same feeling you want your customers to have. This excitement of sharing with others is the same feeling you want your customers to have.

using testimonials for marketingLet people talk about themselves.

The more we can get others to talk about themselves, the more you’ll realize they’ll never get bored. We get them talking by asking meaningful questions.

The more we try to convince and sell, the more we talk our way out of a sale.

The more we integrate stories and testimonials into our sales presentations; the more our prospects relate to using what it is you’re offering.  

Using testimonials for marketing or sales presentations will help you overcome objections and concerns our prospects might be having. 

Here’s the formula – Lower sales resistance + provide third party testimonials and stories = Increase Your Income.

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Do you have testimonials? If you don’t start collecting them.

Do you know how to give testimonials? If you don’t send me a message, and I’ll provide you a template.

The stories and testimonials you use should be overcoming objections and concerns a potential buyer might have.

I believe that every company should have a testimonial book. If you don’t have one, you can start gathering and organizing them now. Once you’ve collected several, organize them and put them into a book you can present customers. 

The sales reps or yourself should have a resource they can refer to right away for every sales call or meeting they have.

If you want more powerful stories and testimonials, try matching your testimonials that have similar personality types with the same objections your customer is facing.

How to be a better sales rep | Brian Zimmerman - Denver, CO